If you are reading this blog about Privacy, you are interested in privacy compliant resources. Fathom Analytics launched a few weeks ago their second version of tracking solution: a GDPR compliant tracking solution without cookies. It is a very elegant alternative to Google Analytics. But it is a premium platform.

If a product is free, you are the product.

So, for this blog to have some statistics, I have subscribed a plan. I would have created my own server with their Fathom Analytics v1 (which was open-source), but I would have needed some annoying cookies notice and I would have faced some problems I did not think about (configure, secure, update a droplet). This second version is not open-source like the first one. So I accepted to buy a plan in order to get stats from the start of the blog. You should know that even the smaller one is more expensive than the blog hosting plan...

The onboarding experience is very smooth. You can visit their demo to have a glimpse of what their platform can do. And there is a 7 days free option for you to test. Until now, I am very pleased with their work. The tracker does not slow down this blog and the dashboard has a good UI.

What I like about this platform

  • No need of cookies notice
  • Real time user view
  • Do not slow websites even with super popular ones
  • With one subscription, you can monitor as many website as you like. The only limit is the number of pageviews. If you go too high, you may need to upgrade your plan.

Some background of these guys

The team created a company Conva Ventures in Canada where they live.

They participate to the 1% for the Planet initiative created by the creator of Patagonia himself.

They wrote an excellent blog post about their transition from v1 to v2. In my opinion, the best part of the article is their ability to run their infrastructure serverless and be able to match every spike our websites may have (hopefully).

Oh, and the Fathom Analytics team started a Podcast about Privacy. They only released the trailer as this point, but you should follow this.

No affiliation. Just kindly sharing a product I am satisfied with.

Edit: 11/22/2019, Fathom Analytics created their own affiliate program, so if you want to have $10 credit off your first invoice, you can follow this affiliated link to Fathom Analytics.