Signal, your go-to messenger application
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Signal, your go-to messenger application

Signal is the best privacy messenger application on the market. And it is free.
Signal, your go-to messenger application

Some weeks ago we wrote about Jami, a messenger application running without servers. The conclusion was that Jami could be a good alternative if ever Signal get an outage. We realized only today, that we did not write an article about Signal itself. So today, we will make the apology of Signal as the best Messenger Application (and not only because of its privacy focus).

Signal has put a lot of effort in transforming the application from a geek-only app into some consumer application. It has refreshed its UX with lots of one-clic access options. It has improved the onboarding process. It has improved its stability (phone calls and videos calls are now perfects). AND they keep the application simple. It is very important to keep it light, simple and focus on the messenger tasks. You will not see games or others bloating options in Signal. It reminds us about the original WhatsApp spirit.

The one true issue with Signal is that too few people use it. But to change that, talk to your relatives and incentive them to install Signal. With the current lock-down we are experiencing an increase in newcomers on Signal and we are very pleased.

If you are using Signal, do not forget to visit the unofficial Signal Stickers website.

What Signal will be next?

Signal will implement in some weeks/months great improvements to Group Management.

That is an impressive move they documented in this post: Improving Registration Lock with Secure Value Recovery and with Signal Private Group System. Nothing will change for the end-user but it is very complex in the background to keep the privacy focus of the application.

Signal is a Privacy reference

Some of you may not know it, but Signal is built by Open Whisper System that created the end-to-end protocol every big application is using, like Skype, WhatsApp, ...

Signal is currently funded by the Signal Foundation with the money from former WhatsApp creator Bryan Acton. They are self-sufficient and do not rely on Governments/GAFAM. And Signal offers the application for free !

You cannot go wrong with Signal about privacy.

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