Review of some Password Managers
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Review of some Password Managers

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Review of some Password Managers

We cannot test every password manager we found on the Internet, but we did test some of the contenders. We deliver below a list of our reviewed Password Managers, order of preference activated.


At last, Enpass is our top pick. It is a good Password Manager but can be buggy sometime. We use it everyday but at every new features, some weird bugs appear and it scares us (we cannot imagine losing our passwords ...). That was the starting point of this review as we would like to find a replacement.

Last bug description: You can generate strong password within Enpass when creating a new entry (account/password). When you are satisfied with the generated password, you have a "fill" option to save it directly. But when you click the "fill" button, another password is generated and saved in place of the original.

Lifetime licence still available at the moment (switching to Subscription only).

Origin: India


The computer application is the best of all. And we though the browser extension was perfectly functional. But we were disapointed by the mobile app (does not have the same UX). It is a really good Password Manager and would have been n°1 with a better mobile app.

Subscription only.

Origin: USA


Before starting this review, we thought Dashlane was the best password manager out there. But no. They miss some important features (no tags for example).

Dashlane is expensive and does not bring extra features (their VPN implementation plays against them, they rely on Hotspotshield VPN, which is one of the worst VPN on the Internet).

Subscription only (some coupons work until -50% for the first year).

Origin: France but bought by Venture Capital from the USA.


The true surprise, what a wonderful FREE Password Manager. If you have a small usage of Internet, Buttercup password manager could be enough for you. The app is good and the browser add-on works well.

OTP functionnality included.

Origin: Finland


Bitwarden is very well know on the Internet as the Freemium option to Password Manager and it is a very good option. The free plan is missing the TOTP feature but you can grab it for $10/year so it is one of the best option on the market.

Origin: USA


Our real disappointment in this review. We did not like the UX at all. With all the marketing expenses they make, we thought the product was better than what we found.

Subscription only (didn't find the lifetime licence plan), expensive.

Origin: Canada


European, well design. Missing the mobile applications (iOS and Android are coming soon). Passcamp was slow a few months ago, they appear to have increase their servers. They focus on teams.

Subscription only on their website (lifetime licence available on third-party vendors).

Origin: Europe (Lithuania)

Sticky Password Manager

We tested it because they offer a lifetime licence (expensive but some interesting discounts are available on third-party vendors) and because they are in the business from 2001. But we were very disapointed in comparison with Enpass. They miss a lot a features.

Subscription and lifetime plan availables.

Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)


LessPass is an original project and we used it in the past but the development is very slow.


Origin: Europe (France

Not reviewed

LastPass (too much bad reviews from people we trust), NordPass (we do not trust NordVPN company), Icecreamapps, Password Boss and KeePass (we should have tested it ...).


We will stay with Enpass for the coming months, waiting for them to fix the issues. If Enpass has to fail, we would switch to PassCamp or Buttercup.

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