How to register for Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)
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How to register for Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

With the launch of Brave Browser v1.0, I redacted a simple guide to help you register your site or blog with the BAT system.
How to register for Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

With the launch of Brave Browser v1.0, you may consider registering your site or blog with their BAT system.


  1. at the time I am writing this article, you should have a website, Twitter account, Youtube account, Twitch account, Vimeo account, Reddit account or a Github account.
  2. you should know how to modify DNS records
  3. prepare your ID as you may need it to open a Crypto Wallet

Create your Brave Creator account

First, you can visit this link below and push the "Sign Up" button.

Earn more for content you publish to the web - Brave Creators
Viewers who use the Brave Browser may have contributed money to you while surfing the web through Brave Rewards. Simply sign up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards to start collecting your contributions.

Next, you have to insert your email address. And you will receive a secure login link by email. Note that, you won't be able to create a password. On every connexion, you will receive a login email. Ghost membership works the same way. It disturbed me the first time but everybody will get used to it.

By clicking the link, the Brave Rewards website will ask for you first name and last name.

You can activate the two factor authentication on the next screen. I won't write a lot about it on this article because it needs an entire article. But as far as we are managing money/tokens, you should activate a two factor authentication.

And that's it. Your account is created and you are facing two steps:

  1. Link you account to a wallet to store you BAT (Basic Attention Tokens)
  2. Register your website to receive tips from your cybernauts

When I started using Brave, I created a Uphold Wallet. So I connected it to my Brave Creator account by simply clic the "Connect to Uphold" button. If you are already connected to Uphold, clic the "Authorize" button. If you are not, connect then authorize.

Be aware that creating a wallet will require you some time and you may need to verify you ID with your provider.

Add your Websites

You can click on "Add Channel" to add a website, or another account as listed in the top of the article. Write your domain name (Note that you have to write the main domain and not a sub-domain) before verifying your website. To verify your website, you have three options:

  1. Download a trusted file on your computer and upload it to your website.
  2. Edit your DNS records.
  3. Install a WordPress plugin (only for WordPress websites though).

For this blog, I used the second option as I didn't find out how to do the first one with a Ghost running blog... So, you will have to edit your DNS records. Mainly it is adding a specific TXT record that Brave Rewards website will give you. Then wait a few minutes and verify your website. If all is good, your website will be registered as a new channel.

If you chose the first option, you may download the "brave-rewards-verification.txt" file on your computer. Then upload it to your ".well-known" folder on your website. If you have no such folder, create one ".well-known" folder (be aware that it will be a hidden folder).

Third, if you want to register your WordPress website, you can download the Brave Payment Verification Plugin, activate it and then copy your verification code (Settings->Brave Payments Verification). It is the easiest way to non-technical admins (like me). Basically, it will create the ".well-known" folder I was talking above.

If you succed in registering your website, its status will change from "not yet verified" to "verified" within 24-48 hours. Then you can start receiving tips from cybernauts.

Note: you can add multiple channel to receive tips.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can contact me on Keybase for every question.

You can download the Brave Browser there (affiliate BAT link).

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