Jami could be an alternative to a Signal failure
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Jami could be an alternative to a Signal failure

In this week newsletter, we will talk about a new end-to-end encrypted communication software that rises in the shade of Signal.
Jami could be an alternative to a Signal failure

To simplify, Jami is a serverless Signal. Every conversation (or exchange because your can send files among other things) is end-to-end encrypted and does not rely on any server.

Jami is different by design

Jami solves one of the few critics people address to Signal: Jami is distributed. There is no central point or architecture behind that could be compromised or used for mass surveillance.

How is Jami working without central servers?

The device starting the discussion becomes the server. The only real limits are bandwidth and latency. More information on their website.

Jami has some momentum

As it works serverless, the costs of the developers are mainly their time; which can be very expensive but at least they do not have to rent and maintain servers.

Jami is build with 100% free software components. It is important to ensure users (and future users) that the service will not be closed because of licenses costs.

We are very excited to follow the deployment of Jami. It is a very good solution if anything happens to Signal. We listed below some examples of problems that can happen to Signal:

  • IP restrictions (Signal is blocked in some countries such as Iran)
  • Servers seizure (No server, no problem)
  • Get purchased by a commercial company (such as Wire). Though this may not happen to Signal due to the Foundation form of the entity

In all our test in Europe, files exchanges and audio phone calls worked perfectly, even through VPNs.

Jami is still very new and needs improvements

Unlike the phone calls, video calls didn't work in our tests. We will try again in the next few days and update this post if there is anything new.

One of the bad sides or Jami is that it decrypts the data in live (do not forget that the device that is starting the call will operate as server for the call). Which make your phone works a lot and starts heating very quickly. It is disturbing but nothing dramatical there.

We noticed that all the platforms are not in the same version of the road map development. For example, the iOS version does not have the Dark Theme (which is available on MacOS, Windows and Android).

Last but not least, as the data is decrypted in live, you cannot share your conversation history between your devices. That means that the 400 messages you exchanged on your smartphone with yours friends this morning in the bus, will not appear on your Jami application on your computer. It is disturbing because we are all accustomed to better. In our experience, it is safer to use it only on one device, or keep other devices as backup plan (but remember that even contacts are not shared within devices).

Jami could be a credible alternative if something wrong happens to Signal

In conclusion, we would say that Jami suffers from very serious issues in a daily use but if Jami is the last end-to-end encrypted solution, we should get over the disturbances. Furthermore, Jami will get some more development that should ensure a better user experience in the future.

We hope that you enjoy the Weekly Newsletter pace. It is very new for us and we are very pleased with it. Current status: ahead of schedule.

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