The security and software company Trail of Bits released their first iOS app: iVerify. They announce iVerify as a security toolkit for iPhone Users.

Who is Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits is a company working in the security business. They help to secure organizations and products. For a very long time, they are commited to help people with daily problems. For example, they are developing and maintaining the AlgoVPN on opensource. Until now, they have a very solid reputation in the business.

Why you should think about this app

People rely more and more on their phone. You share your bank account, photos, messages, ... and everything that matters to you through your phone. Until now, you had to trust the coding skills of Apple but recent hacks and tethered jailbreak show that nobody is perfect. iVerify fills the gap between the built-in privacy and security features and the users ability to manage them. iVerify is there to help you configure your phone correctly with guides.

Furthermore iVerify can also detect security anomalies. It is generally very difficult to know if your phone has been hacked. iVerify analyses the core components of iOS and alerts you in case something is wrong.

The app cost approx $5, one time payment. You can find their blog post about the launch there.