Firefox Extensions you should install
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Firefox Extensions you should install

Firefox respects cybernauts and their privacy. You can empower it with some free, easy and privacy enabled extensions.
Firefox Extensions you should install

First, you should use Firefox instead of Chrome. Why ? Because you do not loose anything to use Firefox. It offers as much features as Chrome for the majority of people, and is a leader in the fight to a better Internet that respects cybernauts and their privacy. But we are not writing this article to state that Firefox deserves a better user base, every geek knows that. You are reading this, because you want some free, easy and privacy enabled extensions to Firefox.

Here is a list of extensions to better protect your privacy with minimum impact on your browsing experience and on your computer. It is, a "Best Effort" mode for normal people - be aware that this setup is not suitable for spies or people under surveillance.

From the easiest to the hardest to manage:

Block Trackers

Inside Firefox there is a functionality that enables your browser to block third-party trackers and/or social trackers. Open the Preferences panel, and go to Privacy and Security. There you can personalized or which cookies you want to block.

For more privacy against cookies and trackers, you can install the Privacy Badger plugin from the EFF. Once installed, the plugin works and learns alone, you have nothing more to do.

Activate DNS requests over HTTPS

One more time, it is a built-in Firefox feature. Open the Firefox Preferences panel and scroll to the bottom, next open the Parameter button in the Network Parameter section. Scroll to the bottom and activate DNS requests over HTTPS (with Cloudflare). You can find the Firefox guide below.

Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS | Firefox Help
DoH improves privacy by hiding domain name lookups from anyone lurking on public WiFi, your ISP or others on your local network. Learn more

Always On HTTPS

Another simple plugin from the EFF that you install and forget. HTTPS Everywhere is a nobrainer. It will convert every HTTP connexion to a HTTPS that protect you from man-in-the-middle attacks.


On every website some technical resources, needed to make the website works, are downloaded directly from their creator. It is, of course, transparent and free of charge for you, but it allows theses creators to collect a lot of data on your web habits. With Decentraleyes, theses resources are already on your computer and will not be downloaded from their creator when you are browsing the Internet. This way you do not share your web activity. This plugin is easy with no configuration.

Disable WebRTC

Another pretty simple extension for Firefox: Disable WebRTC. WebRTC is the protocol used to chat online with the computer camera. It is known for being a security hole. With this plugin, the protocol is turned off on Firefox so you will not leak information. Moreover, in case you need your camera in Firefox, you can turn WebRTC on with a simple clic.

The hardest one of the list, Cookie AutoDelete will automatically delete your cookies when you activate the automatic cleaning. It means that all your current sessions will be terminated and that the majority of trackers will be deleted. Inside the plugin, you can create a whitelist to clear domains you authorize to leave cookies. Once installed, you have some work to clear the domain you trust (email provider, magazines, ...). It is not the simpler one but a really good plugin for privacy.

Bonus: Password Manager & Monitor

As we are talking about Firefox, you should use their built-in system for managing password with a Firefox account and their app Lockwise. Lockwise is free and built as open-source. But depending of you setup, you can install another password manager extension.

Furthermore, you can check your email address with Monitor to know if some of your credentials were disclosed in a data breach. Monitor will inform you if your email address shows up in future hacks.

Firefox Browser is a reference for privacy

We are not talking about competition weaknesses in this post but be assured that they need improvements. We think it is more valuable to write about Firefox capabilities. And this browser has everything you need to browse the Internet safely.

Firefox is one of the two browsers we are cheering for. These extensions above are well known and used by many people. It is important for you not to get a browser too "unique" because of fingerprinting. We don't know of Mozilla efforts about fingerprinting but if you want to know more you can check the second browser we recommend: the Brave Browser (v.1.0 launched 11/13/2019). The Brave Browser is doing an amazing work to mitigate the fingerprinting techniques.

Edit 11/26/2019: The Mozilla Foundation (which is building and maintaining Firefox) published their Privacy Not Included tests for some technological product.

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