List of conventional VPN to use
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List of conventional VPN to use

Unaffiliated list of actually good commercial VPN providers
List of conventional VPN to use

We wrote an article about mesh VPN some time ago and it occurs to us that we did not even advise our readers about good commercial VPNs. This newsletter corrects our mistake.

The Internet is crowded of VPN recommandations. It is not surprising to always find the same contenders as the best VPN on review websites. Infact, the only changes happen when one of them change its Affiliate program. Commercial VPN providers are very generous with review websites (they even own some of them). That is a shame and customers should learn to find good information on alternative websites.

We consider a better solution to find a less noisy VPN provider and we are sharing below a list of VPN that worth your money. Of course without any affiliate links:

  1. Mullvad: In a few years they have become a very powerfull player (powering the Firefox Private Network) (WireGuard fully operational)
  2. IVPN: The choice of those who know (Website without any tracker and no affiliate program) (Wireguard fully operational, missing some servers)
  3. Proton VPN: The only good VPN that make some marketing noise
  4. OVPN: The safe bet (currently implementing WireGuard)
  5. Azire VPN: The exotic option (WireGuard almost operational)
  6. VyprVPN: The old one

You cannot be mistaken if you choose one of these. And forget about the NordVPN (one of the worst), CyberGhost, PureVPN, PIA, HotspotShield (the worst), HideMyAss (one of the worst) ... We are not developping our ideas about how to choose a good VPN (it would be too long and boring), but if you like comparisons, you can visit ThatOnePrivacySite.

We consider important to have a backup solution in case the provider you chose disapears. And, for the sake of Humanity, do not use Free VPN (or only the ProtonVPN Free plan).

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