Launched as a blog, undisclosed became a weekly paced newsletter publication in late 2019.

The blog undisclosed is aimed at geeks from around the world. We cover many topics related to the Internet, Privacy, movies, video games, blog platforms or website creation, travels,... The selection is not restrictive but we want to drive the blog more towards tutorials to help Internet users to better protect their privacy.

If you like the topics covered on this blog and you feel like a contributor, contact the team to discuss this together.

Someday the Undisclosed blog could become Premium with articles reserved for subscribers. We will keep you posted.

Our core values

No advertising is displayed on this blog. The statistical tools used do not store cookies and do not allow visitors to be identified.

A comment system may be set up depending on the development of the blog. This is not a priority since Disqus will insert trackers and Commento is not free of charge. If you feel the need to comment on our articles, send a message to the team (via Keybase for now).


Vincent is the main author of this blog. You can contact him directly or on Keybase. He's a fan of Star Wars and backpacks. He has been writing blog articles since 2013 mainly about geek culture. You can follow us on Mastodon.

Right now, as there is no other editor, the second member of the team is Joey. A cat, that has been sharing Vincent's desk since he was adopted in early 2016. We will spare you its incomprehensible posts.

The Undisclosed Blog is hosted in France, its editor is a private individual living in Andorra. As of the update date communicated below, no revenue is generated by the blog.

The Undisclosed Blog does not use cookies.

Updated on October 31, 2019